Okay so maybe you've been thinking about how cool it would be to make your own paintings and other artworks. Only you've never done it in your life, so how to make a start with it?


And preferably a good start, so you can get on this journey where you get better and better. Instead of just trying a few paintings and concluding art is way too hard and you are supposedly without any talent.


No one is without any talent. Although it is probably true that some people have more innate capability than others. However, that true talent only comes to the surface with much practice. Even the best are not good when they just start out. Most likely, the ones who are "really good" are not leaning only on their talent. But perhaps 25% talent, 75% consistent practice over a long, long period of time.


Okay, let's try to answer the question now. How to make a start with art?


It's easy. In my opinion, before you start out with paint or pastel you need to know how to draw. That will make your life so much easier when you will try painting for the first time. While you are learning drawing, maybe at the same time pick up a book about how to do a painting. What are the steps from beginning to end? Then see if you can expand your taste for art also. Because ultimately art is about a fine taste for what is visually interesting - not ability.



Drawing is something anyone can learn. At least to a certain proficiency. We just didn't learn it at school. At least not very well. So do a drawing everyday. Get books about how to draw. Before you know it you are drawing trees, mountains, hills and Italian scenery. If it seems really hard for you to learn, then find an online course (there are so many nowadays...) or someone who can teach you. 


That will be your perfect start in art!



Written by Christiaan, 2022-05-28